It's #SwipeRight Time

George Jetson, Penny, James Bond, Maxwell Smart and Dick Tracy embodied our vision for a connected future. All these beloved characters wore watches that were the envy of fans. It may have taken half a century but that fiction becomes reality and Tinder is leading the pack. Meeting interesting people and staying connected with your matches no longer requires you to be glued to your phone.

We're proud to announce that Tinder is among the first applications available on Android Wear™. Get alerted of new matches, respond to messages, and get your swipe on while leaving your phone in your pocket. Android Wearables are a perfect companion to Tinder, allowing you to meet new and interesting people nearby and communicate with your matches, all on the go.

Setup is simple: just pair an Android Wearable with your phone. New match and message notifications will appear in your watch's stream where you can take immediate action. See the message on your wrist, and speak your reply. Learn about your new match directly on your watch or get a closer look with a just a swipe or a tap to open their profile on your paired phone.

We'll let you know about interesting people nearby, but you can say “Start Tinder” to begin swiping anytime.

It's classic Tinder. Swipe right when you see somebody you “like”, or swipe left to “nope”. It has always been that easy on your phone and now it's just as easy on your Android Wearable.

Tinder is the easiest and fastest way to discover new and interesting people. On Android Wear, Tinder is next level.